Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter Break for the Kids- Babbling

WHAT, Another break? I really do not remember getting this many breaks off from school when I was a kid. It seems we just had the big Christmas break and there have been several 3 and 4 days weekends in there and now this winter break and shortly after will be Spring break. It would not be so bad if we lived more in a city setting or suburb area where you could walk to the friends houses and back but we are country and there are not a lot of kids within waling distance. They do go to their friends homes and we have them all here too but you have to just about make a play date in advance. You have to call and make sure they are home and that it is okay with the parent to go over and play because your/their parent has to drop you off and come back for you/them. I am glad I was raised in the city and we just walked a few houses down to each others houses. One place we lived had 3 houses all in a row and each house had 2 apartments and all had kids and we went out from early morning until we were made to come in at night. That was FUN. I loved being a kid. So, It is Wednesday and the middle of vacation and they are getting restless. I think I may have to try to take the wild ones out to a movie or something because I am not going to be able to get much done here with them wrestling and running around. I think I will go see whats on at the movies. Maybe I can bribe them to clean something while we wait to leave :)

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