Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do you like Bunnies??

Go see Lorraines Blog candy giveaway. Too Cute. This is her 3rd candy giveaway. She is so nice to keep giving us chances, Good Luck.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Candy Time at Jaqui's

Wanna chance at some yummy looking candy? Sure you do, who doesn't. Go to Jaqui's blog and look at all her magnificent cards and see th photos of al her darling boys and sign up for a chance to win some yummy stuff. Have a Blessed Day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter Break for the Kids- Babbling

WHAT, Another break? I really do not remember getting this many breaks off from school when I was a kid. It seems we just had the big Christmas break and there have been several 3 and 4 days weekends in there and now this winter break and shortly after will be Spring break. It would not be so bad if we lived more in a city setting or suburb area where you could walk to the friends houses and back but we are country and there are not a lot of kids within waling distance. They do go to their friends homes and we have them all here too but you have to just about make a play date in advance. You have to call and make sure they are home and that it is okay with the parent to go over and play because your/their parent has to drop you off and come back for you/them. I am glad I was raised in the city and we just walked a few houses down to each others houses. One place we lived had 3 houses all in a row and each house had 2 apartments and all had kids and we went out from early morning until we were made to come in at night. That was FUN. I loved being a kid. So, It is Wednesday and the middle of vacation and they are getting restless. I think I may have to try to take the wild ones out to a movie or something because I am not going to be able to get much done here with them wrestling and running around. I think I will go see whats on at the movies. Maybe I can bribe them to clean something while we wait to leave :)

Bev has Blog candy x 2

Go see her gorgeous roses she makes and is giving away in her candy. LUV IT.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Awesome Blog Candy Alert

Not just one winner either. She has lots of candy to give away. Go see her wonderful Blog that she has built up in one year and see all her creativity.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chance at Blog Candy again

I haven't figured how to do a sidebr yet or make my blog all pretty and stuff yet but I will in time. In the meantime here is a link for some candy, candy, candy, Lol. Don't mind me, I need a nap.

Happy Valentines Day and Some Amazing Candy to go check out

So today is Valentines Day. I have been wondering what to get my hubby since he has EVERYTHING and I do mean everything so I ended up getting the thing I knew I couldn't go wrong on. A Gift Certificate to Gander Mountain so he can go buy more fishing lures and all that manly stuff he has out in the garage. He has TONS of this stuff but always is getting more. I would not know what to get him so this worked out the best. I got him a nice card that fit us perfect and a bag of chocolate turtles, his favorite candy. He got me some beautiful Columbia winter boots that I needed bad and he picked them out by himself and they are pretty and they actually fit. I cannot ever choose them that well for myself and he did it first shot. Good man. I also got some warm sockies and some warm slippers and some awesome milk chocolates. He knows I LOVE milk chocolate and sometimes he has messed up and gotten dark chocolate and I always end up giving it to him to eat so this time he purposely added a couple dark chocolates in with my milk chocolates so we can eat them together :) He's funny. I wish we could have had a date today and went to dinner and a movie but he has to work at our Tattoo shop today and it has a full schedule. Oh well. Valentines will fall on a Monday or Tuesday again in a couple years and we can have those as date ones. Oh yeah, I did not forget the kiddos on Valentines Day. I got them each a nice big heart full of assorted Hershey Kisses and some are Hugs and Kisses. That's for the ones who won't hold still for me to give them alot of really hugs and kisses anymore. Boys are not as lovey dovey with Moms when they get to be teens. I still get my hugs and kisses from them when I can though. So on to where the AMAZING CANDY is. Go to this sight of the Whimsical Butterfly. Her Blog is wonderful and she is giving away an amazing candy to one lucky winner.
Good Luck to you and I hope you have a wonderful Valentines day with the one you love too.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Want some candy? Have a good stamping tip?

Go over to Carlyz and leave a comment with a tip, sign up to follow her blog and link her to your blog for a chane to win her Blog Candy.

Good Luck!!!