Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've been sick AGAIN

I don't know why I have been so sick this winter. I am on my second major snus infection with ear infection and I have had a 2 week headache. I did not realize it was the sinuses right off so I suffered for a few days with the pain and once I realized it wasn't going away without an antibiotic I called my doctor to get in by they have their office messed up about taking my insurance so they said they could not see me and legally charrge me until it go settled so I had to go to the fast track at the ER and it took ALL day while teh kiiddos werew in school because the doc on duty wanted me to get a CAT scan because I just had this before Christmas and I had to wait an extra 3 hours for it to be done and get the results read. WHAT A TERRIBLY LONG DAY. So now I am on an antibiotic that is tearing my stomache up and I literallly feel like I have a bad stomache bug on them. I just can't win. I am working on swap cards all day today and tomorrow though because they are due to be mailed Monday. On a good note, my headache from the sinuses is better, almost gone :) I still wish I could just go crawl in my bed though but I have 5 kiddos here and hubby left to work. I don't know why my kids always have their freinds come here instead of my kids go there. It would be nice to get a break. I guess they must love me though if they wanna stay here with me :)

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